Sportswriters love to slam the BCS. They say the BCS harbors the most evil people on earth, although nobody can name a single person in the BCS, other than, the way I read it, Pol Pot. My close and dear friend Michael Wilbon is the biggest BCS killer in the country. Wilbon insists the BCS is worse than bird flu (though bird flu doesn't have a playoff, either). Wilbon is always agitating for an eight-team playoff. But if the BCS offered eight, Wilbon would demand 64. (Even then Maryland wouldn't get in. Which is just as well, because if it did, Ralph would want a new contract.)

Reasonable people simply want the best two teams to play for the national championship. Surprise, it looks like we'll get that this year.

For months, almost everyone has wanted to see USC play Texas. Almost everyone but Auburn's bitter coach, Tommy Tuberville, who believes the media is prejudiced against the SEC. But Tommy, there aren't any unbeaten SEC teams left, and, gosh, USC and Texas are unbeaten. So do us a favor, shut up.

Maybe finally, around New Year's, I'll get to see USC. The Trojans and the rest of the Pac-10 are rumors east of the Mississippi. Maybe somewhere in the East they're on TV before midnight, but against Fresno State you couldn't find them with a Geiger counter. Before Matt Leinart wins a second Heisman Trophy, and Reggie Bush gains more yards than Shaun Alexander and Edgerrin James combined, I want to see them -- especially against sensational Vince Young (30 touchdowns passing and running, same as Leinart!) and Texas, which is routinely winning by 100 points.

So as of today it looks like the BCS got it right this year. In a couple of weeks -- after USC plays UCLA, and Texas plays in the Big 12 championship -- this could all change, and we could have catastrophe and chaos. But for today the BCS deserves a nod, even from Wilbon.

It appears Vince Young of Texas, left, will get his rightful shot at Matt Leinart and USC.