Minnie Minoso and Buck O'Neil were among 39 candidates selected by a screening committee to appear on special Negro leagues and pre-Negro leagues ballots for election into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

The Hall said yesterday that a 12-man selection committee will meet Feb. 27 in Tampa. Thirty people will be on the Negro leagues ballot and nine on the pre-Negro leagues ballot, and to gain election a candidate must receive at least 75 percent of the ballots cast.

The screening committee considered 94 candidates recommended by Hall of Famers, historians and fans. Former commissioner Fay Vincent chaired the screening committee but did not vote, leaving the selections to specialists Adrian Burgos, Dick Clark, Larry Hogan, Larry Lester and Jim Overmyer, who were appointed by the Hall's board of directors in July.

After his Negro leagues career, Minoso played in the majors from 1949 to '64, making brief comebacks in 1976 and 1980. He hit .298 in the majors with 186 homers and 1,023 RBI.

O'Neil did not play in the major leagues.

The nine pre-Negro leagues candidates are Frank Grant, Pete Hill, Home Run Johnson, Jose Mendez, Spot Poles, Dick Redding, Louis Santop, Ben Taylor and Sol White.

The 30 Negro leagues candidates are Newt Allen, John Beckwith, William Bell, Chet Brewer, Ray Brown, Willard Brown, Bill Byrd, Andy Cooper, Rap Dixon, John Donaldson, Sammy Hughes, Fats Jenkins, Dick Lundy, Biz Mackey, Effa Manley, Oliver Marcell, Minoso, Dobie Moore, Alejandro Oms, O'Neil, Red Parnell, Alex Pompez, Cum Posey, George Scales, Mile Suttles, Candy Jim Taylor, C.I. Taylor, Cristobal Torriente, JL Wilkinson and Jud Wilson.

-- From News Services