The NFC's best, exposed:

Cowboys: Seven wins over teams that are 26-34 do not a "for real" team make.

Giants: Have won once -- over the putrid 49ers -- in an actual road game. Their "road" win over the Saints in Week 2 doesn't count.

Bears: They're 28th in total offense and 23rd in scoring offense, and just one of their wins is over a team with a winning record. They lost to the Browns. I scoff at their "for realness."

Panthers: Steve Smith: 72 catches, 1,106 yards, 9 TDs. Carolina's other three wide receivers: 38 catches, 521 yards, 4 TDs. "For real" teams can spread the ball around and don't rely on one receiver.

Bucs: Have allowed 96 points over their last three games. Asking Chris Simms and Carnell "Cadillac" Williams to keep up with that type of defensive ineptitude on a weekly basis stretches the limits of "for reality."

Seahawks: Allow two touchdowns in one quarter to a team that hadn't scored a touchdown in the previous 15, as Seattle did against the 49ers in the fourth quarter last week, and your "for realness" must be questioned, if not mocked. "For real" teams put away awful teams. Heck, even the decidedly not "for real" Redskins did that to the 49ers.

-- Matt Bonesteel