All eyes are on Matt Leinart when he surveys the field for a potential receiver, taking the time he needs to find an open target. Reggie Bush and LenDale White are the focus of attention when they run unimpeded into an opponent's secondary en route to yet another big gain.

Leinart, Bush and White are the big stars for No. 1 Southern California, which has 33 straight wins and 44 victories in its last 45 games.

Meanwhile, the Trojans' offensive line toils in obscurity.

At least publicly.

"Every once in a while, a reporter has pity on you and does a story on the offensive line," right tackle Winston Justice said, a glint in his eye.

Those involved in the game are aware of just how good this line is.

"Clearly it's the best we've had in the five years of being here," USC coach Pete Carroll said.

"They are arguably one of the best offensive lines, not just in the nation, but in the history of NCAA football," Oregon coach Mike Bellotti said after USC beat the Ducks 45-13 at Autzen Stadium in September.

"It all starts with the offensive line," Fresno State coach Pat Hill said of the Trojans before they beat the Bulldogs 50-42 last weekend.

USC (11-0, 7-0 Pac-10) has rolled up a conference-record 6,284 yards of total offense this season, putting it on pace for 7,427 total yards. That's within range of Texas Tech's NCAA record of 7,576 in 2003.

With two games remaining -- against No. 11 UCLA (9-1, 6-1) on Dec. 3 and in the Rose Bowl game, where they'll be seeking an unprecedented third straight national championship should they beat the Bruins -- the Trojans have scored 534 points. That puts them on pace to break Nebraska's NCAA record of 624 set in 1983.

And the line has allowed only 14 quarterback sacks -- barely more than one per game.

The skill-position players put up the numbers and get the glory. The guys up front do the dirty work.

"In my mind, it is, hands down, the best offensive line in the country," Bush said. "They open up holes for me and LenDale that trucks could ride through."

But, as with most offensive lines, this group doesn't get much attention.

"It kind of bugs us a little bit," said right guard Fred Matua, a 6-foot-2, 305-pound junior. "We know we're a great group. We understand all those guys are getting the publicity. That means we're doing something up front.

"We believe that we're the best offensive line in the country. Sooner or later, teams are going to get worn down. There aren't many teams that can take our punishment."

A perfect example was Arizona State on Oct. 1 on a sweltering day in Tempe. The Sun Devils opened a 21-3 halftime lead, but the Trojans rallied for a 38-28 triumph by running the ball at will in the second half. White finished with 197 yards on 19 carries and Bush gained 158 on 17 attempts.

"We just pounded the football in the second half," Carroll said afterward. "It was a beautiful job by the offensive linemen, a beautiful job by Reggie and LenDale."

Joining Matua up front are center Ryan Kalil, a 6-foot-3, 285-pound junior; left guard Taitusi Lutui, a 6-6, 365-pound senior; Justice, a 6-6, 300-pound junior, and left tackle Sam Baker, a 6-5, 305-pound sophomore.

"When I first got here, I realized they had a unique chemistry about themselves," said offensive line coach Pat Ruel, who worked on the college level for 26 years before moving to the NFL, where he spent five seasons before coming to USC last February.

"They're just a fun and enjoyable group to be around," Ruel said. "They lead the team in entertainment, they know how to have fun and enjoy themselves. Sometimes we take the fun out of the game and that's wrong. They enjoy what they do."

Kalil agreed, saying: "I'll tell you one thing -- there's no line that has more fun than we do. We mesh so well together. I think the off-field chemistry carries over to the field."

Ruel said the linemen compete every game to be better than their peers.

"They work at trying to get more knockdowns than the other guys. Lutui, he's running like he's a receiver trying to get a block," Ruel said with a smile, shaking his head at the thought of someone so big rumbling down the field.

Ruel worked with the Detroit Lions line in 2000; the Green Bay Packers line in 2001-02; the Buffalo Bills line in 2003, and the New York Giants line in 2004. Before that, he worked at Texas A&M, Northern Illinois, Kansas and Michigan State.

"I've never been around a group as together, as talented, as this line, and together is the important word," Ruel said. "I'm around a group I'll probably never have another opportunity to be around again.

"It's so unique. The closest group to it was the Green Bay group. This group reminds of me how together that group was. They love what they do, and that's very important in this business."

Coach Pete Carroll calls Southern California's offensive line, which gives quarterback Matt Leinart (11) plenty of time to operate, "the best we've had in the five years of being here."Center Ryan Kalil, left, and guard Taitusi Lutui (71) -- the unit's only senior -- are part of a USC offensive line that has yielded only 14 sacks all season.