Worst Use of Unnecessary Roughness: Not only did LaVar Arrington commit a stupid penalty early in first quarter, he also failed to take out his 15-yards' worth of aggression. After a three-yard run, Arrington gently shoved a few San Diego linemen, drawing the penalty. It was perhaps the most worthless unnecessary roughness ever -- far from rough.

Worst Drop: Robert Royal spent most of the afternoon auditioning in this category. His best effort came in the first quarter, when Mark Brunell rolled left and tossed an easy pass to the tight end, only to watch the ball hit Royal's No. 88 and slide to the ground. Royal was so open he might as well have been standing alone in a deserted parking lot. Oh, except for the tens of thousands of fans who watched him drop the ball and then booed. Royal would hear that reaction a few more times, after drops in the third and fourth quarter.

Best Defensive Series: The Redskins made a major statement on San Diego's second possession. The drive started from the San Diego 28-yard line and moved backward. Marcus Washington sacked Drew Brees; Arrington stuffed running back LaDainian Tomlinson; Washington and Ryan Clark sacked Brees again. The Chargers punted from their 10.

Worst Turnout: Blame it on Thanksgiving vacations or a home team slipping in the standings, but yesterday's game seemed to attract fewer fans than any other this season. The announced crowd -- 84,930 -- stood out as the lowest of the season, and it hardly reflected an upper deck that looked, at best, three quarters full. In some sections, empty red seats outnumbered fans.

Best Challenge Toss: Upset about a questionable interception by Arrington in the third quarter, Marty Schottenheimer threw out his red challenge flag like he was tossing a dart. The overhand flick, executed with a rare blend of daintiness and disgust, sent the flag 10 yards onto the field. Perhaps impressed, the officials overturned the interception.

Worst Penalty: With less than a minute left and the ball inside the San Diego 25-yard line, the Redskins hoped to do little more than run out some clock and bring John Hall in for a fairly short game-winning field goal. Center Casey Rabach changed all that, though, with a holding penalty that backed the Redskins up 10 yards and forced Hall to try a 52-yarder, which he missed.

-- Eli Saslow

San Diego Coach Marty Schottenheimer challenged an interception by LaVar Arrington; the call was overturned.