Chargers 23, Redskins 17 (OT)

Actually, this trend of people who previously coached the Redskins coming away with wins at FedEx Field bodes well for the team. After all, Joe Gibbs previously coached the Redskins. So, you know, he's probably feeling really happy right now.

Bengals 42, Ravens 29

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a breakthrough discovery! The source of Kyle "Pro" Boller's epic struggles is -- drum roll, please -- the Ravens' defense. It's simply been too effective. Put Boller in meaningful situations, and he stinks like Tony Siragusa's lucky socks. But let the game get out of hand, and Boller looks prettier than, say, anyone who happens to be standing next to Siragusa. Call off the dogs, Billick, and let your boy perform his garbage-time magic!

Rams 33, Texans 27 (OT)

At first glance, it appears fairly surprising that Ryan Fitzpatrick, a rookie third-stringer from Harvard, could get off the bench and rally St. Louis from a 21-point deficit. But really, what better preparation for facing the Texans is there than enduring the rigors of Ivy League competition?

Bears 13, Buccaneers 10

Besides a name, Tampa Bay place kicker Matt Bryant has little in common with plus-size clothier Lane Bryant. Given a chance to tie the game on a simple 29-yarder with 2 minutes 47 seconds remaining, Matt Bryant came up small. Very small. Smaller than anything you'll ever find at Lane Bryant.

Vikings 24, Browns 12

Every couple of years around this time, it seems, Marcus Robinson just goes off with the help of a backup quarterback. On Nov. 23, 2003, he caught four touchdowns from the Ravens' Anthony Wright. Yesterday, three scores from Brad Johnson. Prediction: Robinson joins the Lions in 2007 and snags six Thanksgiving day touchdowns from Dan Orlovsky, hauling in the last one single-handed while stuffing his face with a turducken.

Chiefs 26, Patriots 16

As implausible as that last sentence sounds, a certain segment of the population is going to find this one even harder to believe: Against Kansas City, Tom Brady looked terrible.

Dolphins 33, Raiders 21

Miami linemen Jason Taylor and Vonnie Holliday were on Oakland's Kerry Collins like a pair of cheap suits. A pair of cheap suits that Collins had inexplicably decided to wear at the same time, while attempting to play a professional football game, no less. Someone really needs to ask Collins what he was thinking with that.

Titans 33, 49ers 22

San Francisco held a 14-9 lead at halftime. Then Steve McNair remembered that he was the only good player on the field. Advantage, Tennessee.

Jaguars 24, Cardinals 17

Neil Rackers's streak of consecutive field goals ended at 31, but it hardly matters. The man has cemented his place as the greatest Cardinal of all time.

Eagles 19, Packers 14

Before the season, this looked like an exciting matchup, but by yesterday it looked decidedly blah. Fitting then, that it came down to a bunch of David Akers's field goals and Mike McMahon playing no worse than Brett Favre. Like I said, blah.

Seahawks 24, Giants 21 (OT)

Know what "feeble" is backwards? "El Beef." Jay Feely, after missing a 40-yard attempt that would have won the game in regulation, then coming up short on both a 54-yarder and a 45-yarder in overtime, you are most certainly not "El Beef." Quite the opposite.

Panthers 13, Bills 9

Trying to find a bright spot for Buffalo, it looks like linebacker London Fletcher had a pretty good game with 12 tackles. Winning the clash with opposing ballcarriers is definitely London's calling.

Saints 21, Jets 19

Coming into this game, the similarities between the teams abounded: Both represented cities beginning with "New"; both were coached by former NFL defensive players; both started quarterbacks named Brooks; and both had lost their most important offensive players for the season and had 2-8 records to show for it. Then the game began, and another striking similarity was revealed: Neither team had many fans in the stands.

-- Desmond Bieler

As Tampa Bay place kicker Matt Bryant looks down in disgust, Chicago's Charles Tillman signals "no good." Bryant's 29-yard field goal attempt sailed wide right and the Bears won, 13-10.