Sports fans in New England have had much to be thankful for over the last few years. Among the most animated of New Englanders is Rhode Island's own Peter Griffin, the dad on the Fox animated comedy series "Family Guy." Through the minds of the team of "Family Guy" writers, Griffin offered some unique insight regarding his views on the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots, among other things. You can see Griffin on "Family Guy," which airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Fox.

The Red Sox are currently looking for a new general manager. If you were the Red Sox' general manager, what moves would make?

I'd trade Mike Lowell for Yasmine Bleeth and an Olsen Twin to be named later.

The Sox' World Series championship last fall seemed to fulfill the lives of many fans. How did you celebrate?

I drank for two weeks straight. Got suspended from my job. Peed the bed twice. Nearly got divorced. All in all, it was the best the thing that ever happened to me.

Alex Rodriguez recently beat out David Ortiz for the American League's most valuable player award. I'm guessing you're a Papi guy. Do you think he was robbed?

Absolutely. The only award A-Rod deserves is "Chick of the Year" for girlishly trying to slap that ball out of Bronson Arroyo's glove in last year's playoffs.

What's your favorite Fenway Park moment?

April 21st, 1985: Wade Boggs let me lick a wisp of cotton candy from his trademark mustache. I have not brushed my teeth since.

Your Patriots are still in first place despite a bunch of injuries. Tell me, what's up with that hooded sweatshirt Bill Belichick always wears? If you were head coach of the Patriots, what would your look be?

It's what's under the sweatshirt that counts: saggy man-boobs.

Which Pats player would you most like to meet and why?

Tedy Bruschi. Not only did he come back from a stroke in less than a year, but his name means beer!

Hockey is back, but the Boston Bruins still aren't doing well. Being from the Northeast, are you glad that hockey's back?

Eh, hockey's just soccer on ice with a bunch of sticks and too many Canadians.

What sports did you play back in your day? Any career highlights stand out?

I played a little tetherball. Some butts up. And, one time, I creamed the entire school in crab-soccer.

Are there any sports traditions in the Griffin household?

Every Wednesday night I play mattress luge with Lois. Or with myself, if she has a headache.

-- Rich Campbell

Peter Griffin of "Family Guy"