First Norv. Now Marty.

Can it get any worse for The Danny?

(The Rams are next, and they have an interim coach. Hmmm, could Spurrier jump to St. Louis this week and beat the Redskins? Oy, could Terry Robiskie?)

This is three games in a row where the Redskins have blown leads late and lost close, the second in a row at home. And the Chargers were done! Their receivers dropped eight passes -- which is, amazingly, more even than granite-handed Robert Royal. And the Chargers' hotshot kicker missed two field goals, which is one more than he'd missed all season. Nothing was working for San Diego. Marty looked to be in full playoff mode.

Until the overtime. Two quick plays and thanks for coming, drive home safely. Honk if you see Gregg Williams puking on the side of the road.

In hindsight, maybe the worst thing that happened to the Redskins was scoring 52 points against the 49ers -- it probably made the Redskins think they were real good.

Since then they have been laid out like a dead body by the Giants. Then, they beat a weakened Eagles bunch without T.O., and with a hobbling Donovan McNabb. And boom, they got caught from behind by Tampa Bay, caught from behind by the Raiders and, oh, no, not again, caught from behind by San Diego. Can you see a pattern here? This defense doesn't bend -- hello, it breaks.

And yet the Redskins are not dead. Their next two opponents, St. Louis and Arizona, are dog food. You can smell them from here. After that, there are three straight divisional games. Lately, the NFC East teams are stumblin' and bumblin'. So, win 'em all, maybe you win the lottery. Not to be a hopeless optimist, but eventually somebody in the East has to stand up and declare, like Stuart Smalley, "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough and, doggone it, people like me." Right?

Oh, Tony, shut up.

Chargers Coach Marty Schottenheimer became the second former Redskins coach in as many weeks to come to Washington and come from behind to win.