An assistant high school football coach was suspended for at least a year after he was caught on videotape moving a field marker to help his team win, school officials said.

The videotape shows the coach, Paul Bryan, improperly moving the marker to help San Pedro (Calif.) High School gain a first down on a critical play late in an Oct. 28 game. San Pedro scored on the drive and won the game against Gardena, 13-12.

"That was a pretty blatant act," San Pedro High Principal Diana Gelb said Tuesday. "In order to set an example and not be looking over our shoulders next season, it was important to send out a clear message that San Pedro is a place of academic excellence, sportsmanship and ethics."

Bryan, who has coached at the school for 23 years, declined to comment on the disciplinary action. He said last week that he expected a two-game suspension.

The videotape was shot for a rival school that was scouting the game.

Gardena assistant coach William Berry said the punishment was appropriate and "shows people you can't do something and get away with it."

Devin Carter, a running back for San Pedro, also felt the discipline was proper.

"It makes us look bad," he said.

-- From News Services