The police blotter from last week:

It's one thing to charter a boat, head out on the water and have a grand old time. Anyone with a signing bonus to spend and a love for the nautical life can do that.

But it takes a certain je ne sais quoi to convert your 40-foot motor home into a strip club, and then park it at Raymond James Stadium before a Bucs game.

That, apparently, is what two budding entrepreneurs have been doing this season. Or at least that's what they were doing, until undercover police officers busted up the joint before the kickoff of Tampa Bay's game against the Bears last Sunday. Police confiscated $2,000 and arrested the club's proprietor and the owner of the RV, Mitchell Stone, who apparently told police Sunday's game was the fourth in which they provided, ahem, adult companionship to the tailgating masses at Raymond James. Hey, it's hot down there. Who wouldn't pay $20 to $40 for a nice, shady lap dance? . . .

On the opposite end of the criminal spectrum, there's one Christopher Notebloom, who ran onto the field in Philadelphia last Sunday to . . . spread his dead mother's ashes! He made it to the 30-yard line before being caught by police.