It's as simple as this: Marty Schottenheimer didn't deserve to have Daniel Snyder fire him. Norv Turner did.

Schottenheimer is a good coach. Turner couldn't carry Marty's straw hat.

Over seven seasons with the Redskins, Norv Turner went 50-60-1, including 1-1 in his only two playoff games. Even if you cut him some slack for inheriting a post-dynasty mess and take the first two disastrous seasons away, that still leaves Turner with a 41-37-1 record. While that may be more success than Turner's, er, successors have enjoyed, it's not exactly a ticket to the Hall of Fame. Coaches are hired to take teams to the Super Bowl, and Turner had plenty of time to prove he wasn't ever going to do that.

Of course, Schottenheimer has never done that, either, but at least he's come pretty close, like four words close: The Drive and Earnest Byner. Marty may have gone 8-8 with Washington, but not all .500 records are created equal. In this case, Schottenheimer was able to hold his team together during an 0-5 start, in which it was outscored 144-32, before being rewarded with an 8-3 finish.

Turner has been coaching Oakland for two seasons and has a 9-18 record. Over the same span, Schottenheimer has led San Diego to a 19-9 mark. Guess who still deserves to be fired -- and who doesn't.

-- Desmond Bieler