Redskins owner Daniel Snyder met with Norv Turner in the training room at Texas Stadium following a 38-20 loss to the Cowboys in 1999. The meeting lasted 40 minutes and precluded many of the injured Redskins from receiving treatment after the game. (Turner, you can imagine, probably could have used a trainer as well afterward.)

Snyder didn't just fire Turner with three games left in the 2000 season. He told him, after a 9-7 loss to the Giants, to wait around for a decision. Turner waited two hours and left. Snyder fired him the next day.

It is reminiscent of how Al Davis fired Mike Shanahan as Raiders coach four games into the 1989 season (Shanahan waited for a day before he was fired). Shanahan currently coaches the Broncos. In his new job, he is 16-5 against the Raiders.

This underscores two things: One, that Turner, the current coach of the Raiders, still isn't a great coach. But it also must have been special for Turner to beat Snyder's Redskins after all those humiliations. Snyder said he has learned from his first couple of years as owner, as if he deserves credit for not being as boorish as he once was. Really, he should have learned a long time ago not to treat people so poorly. How fitting that lesson was reiterated, for all to see, by Turner.

-- Christian Swezey