Talk about a lost weekend for Washington pro sports: The Redskins blow another game late, the Wizards lose to awful Charlotte, the Caps lose to the Rangers in the longest shootout since High Noon and the Nationals have been left to hang out to dry for months. Is Peter Angelos laughing or what?

Can we just pull the plug on the Nats and Florida Marlins? South Florida doesn't want baseball and the D.C. Council bait-and-switch act is growing tiresome. I fully agree with Jerry Reinsdorf's comments that 2.7 million fans in a new city was no big deal. Plus, the one-hour drive to Camden Yards doesn't bother me.

Joe Henley, McLean

Joe, talk about jumping ship. You're giving up because of some gas-bag politicians?

You don't get it, do you? What do you expect Redskins fans to do? Sit in silence and not cheer for their team? Why are you picking on the Redskins for their, as you say, "so-called 12th man?" What would you suggest, put tape over our mouths? Your views are out of date. Maybe you are the one who should stay home.

Add me to the growing numbers of readers who are no longer going to read your ridiculous Sunday column. Thankfully you only appear once a week, and that is one too many. Your comments make me sick.

Paul Ramsey, Burke

I had no problem last week with Redskins fans cheering for the home team; I only hope for the majority of fans to be reasonably sober and not fight with each other. I only want the best for you, Paul, and do not want to make you sick.

Kudos regarding your comments on the incredibly loud, obnoxious lout who makes it extremely uncomfortable to be in our seats before kickoff at FedEx Field and the noisy, smoky fireworks that do nothing but fill the field with smoke before the game.

On the other hand, I think the "12th man" concept has some merit. First of all, those of us who go to the games want to feel the emotion and the identification with the team. The joy of winning and the pain of losing is part of being a fan. The ability to be emotionally involved and to feel passionately about what happens is what separates us from the apes.

Dr. Barry H. Epstein, Silver Spring

Doctah, how did apes get into this debate?