So we've got Southern California and Texas in the championship game. Even the BCS bashers have to be okay with that, right? They're by far the two best teams in the country. Still need a playoff? For what?

Texas and USC had monster wins over the weekend, but USC's was more impressive. The Trojans took a one-loss team, UCLA -- ranked No. 11 -- and mashed them into pulp, 66-19. UCLA's quarterback, Drew Olson, had been averaging 291 passing yards per game and three touchdowns. He got 146, and his one touchdown with 11 seconds left in the game, and his team down by 53! By the way, did you happen to notice Reggie Bush? Bush is O.J. -- when it was good to be O.J. Do the numbers 24 for 260 ring the Heisman bell for you? How about when Bush hurdled for that touchdown? Edwin Moses never got up that high. That's levitation, homes.

Texas was terrific. But the Longhorns were undercut by the mutts they demolished, four-loss Colorado. What in heaven's name was Colorado doing in a championship game -- besides stinking up the joint? The final score was 70-3. How embarrassing is that? Texas has now trampled Colorado twice this season by the combined score of 112-20. Oy! The Big 12 should cut Colorado loose today, and ship the Buffs to some gulag like the WAC.

But Colorado didn't take the worst punch over the weekend. Virginia Tech did. The Hokies slid down the drain to unranked four-loss Florida State. Down the drain with them went Va. Tech's major bowl bid (but not Frank Beamer's 20-year extension). Every year we're told this is the year for Virginia Tech, and every year it's the same gag job at or near the finish line. It has two important games, Miami and Florida State. Tech got Miami at home -- and got crushed. Then, in the ACC championship, the Hokies spotted Florida State a 27-3 lead. When Tech went to Virginia, and inscribed its orange "T" next to the Jeffersonian "V," that was cool. But to be taken seriously, you have to do more on the field than paint it.

Look familiar? USC running back Reggie Bush struck a seemingly Heisman-like pose as he leaped over UCLA cornerback Marcus Cassel in a 66-19 bashing.