Trent Dilfer and Kerry Collins were the starting quarterbacks in Super Bowl XXXV. They have something else in common this weekend: Both have been benched.

Dilfer is healthy but has been replaced by rookie Charlie Frye for the Browns against Cincinnati today. Frye started last week as Dilfer was sidelined with two injured knees.

"I'm disappointed," Dilfer said. "But I recognize the reality of this position. I'm not happy with this right now, but if you let your circumstances determine your actions, you are in big trouble."

Collins is being replaced by Marques Tuiasosopo as the Raiders play the Jets. Tuiasosopo has had one career start: Against the Lions in 2003, he threw an interception, fumbled twice and then suffered a season-ending knee injury.

"I'm not happy about it," said Collins. "I feel like this is my team. I feel like I give us the best chance to win Sunday." . . .

With all the controversy about the Super Bowl halftime show -- the Rolling Stones will play -- it can't be worse than Fox's gyrating Mariah Carey halftime appearance during the Lions-Falcons game on Thanksgiving. CBS, meantime, took a more tasteful route, with Sheryl Crow and her guitar at halftime of the Cowboys-Broncos game.