It's another Sunday night in Mantown, and I'm going to invite some fellas over for some pizza, beer and red-hot televised competition. So let's see, who's free tonight who might possibly be interested?

Javon Walker is injured and won't play tonight against the Lions, so I'll give him a ring. Ahman Green isn't around to help out Brett Favre either, so he's in. There will be more offensive talent on my couch than at Lambeau Field! And what the heck, I'll invite Najeh Davenport, too. (Note to self: Remember to lock the closet.)

I hear Steve Mariucci is free these days. Free as a bird. Now that he's out of Detroit, he's probably ready to party. Maybe Teddy Lehman will come, since he's hurt. And that way he and Green can compare tonight's game to their college programs, Nebraska and Oklahoma -- that is, another rivalry that doesn't matter anymore.

So now that the gang's all here, who's gonna win?

My money's on Santino. Man, I'm glad I recorded "Project Runway." I don't know what we'd watch otherwise.

-- David Larimer

Quarterback Brett Favre has little help around him.