Colts at Jaguars,

1 p.m.



Times in Jaguars history that one of their home games was completely sold out, including today's contest and a game against the Steelers last season The Colts are bringing their perfect record to Jacksonville, and folks there are getting just a tad fired up. The game is a rare sellout, and every fan will be given a "Bring the Noise" sign and a mint (teal-colored, of course), ostensibly to soothe their throats after three hours of bringing said noise.

Jaguars Coach Jack Del Rio seems to have taken notice. "I think you can't help but feel some of the excitement," he told the Associated Press. "The community is abuzz. It's an exciting time of the year. . . . It's an exciting matchup, a division game, playoff implications, sold-out house, all those things. That's all exciting."

Last week, DE Reggie Hayward provided evidence he would be pumped for this affair when he told Sports Illustrated, "Screw the Colts."

More recently, fellow end Paul Spicer chimed in with, "It's going to be a game for the ages around here."

The Jaguars would be wise to channel all that excitement into a good start. In their past five games, they've scored 30 total first-half points, and the last thing they want to do is deny their fans something for which to cheer.