Spurs23252313 -- 84Hawks15272725 -- 94

The NBA's longest losing streak and second-longest winning streak came to unlikely ends when Atlanta beat San Antonio to deny the Spurs their best 20-game start in franchise history. The Hawks snapped their seven-game losing streak, winning for only the third time this season and the first time since Nov. 25.

The Spurs have the most wins in the NBA, and the Hawks (3-16) had the league's worst record and have heard increased local speculation about the future of Coach Mike Woodson. But the Hawks enjoyed a rare highlight, rallying to win.

San Antonio

MinFGFTO-TAPFPts.Totals 24033-8012-229-40162184Bowen 38:344-62-20-51113Duncan 36:565-142-74-103212Nesterovic 16:010-20-01-2150Parker 38:258-184-50-52520Ginobili 29:447-143-62-102317Finley 32:344-110-00-3609Horry 17:170-31-21-2121Udrih 9:350-40-01-1010Mohammed 9:442-40-00-2024Barry 11:103-40-00-0008

Percentages: FG .412, FT .545. Three-Point Goals: 6-15, .400 (Bowen 3-4, Barry 2-3, Finley 1-4, Parker 0-1, Horry 0-1, Udrih 0-2). Blocked Shots: 3 (Duncan, Horry, Nesterovic). Turnovers: 12 (Parker 5, Ginobili 3, Mohammed 2, Finley, Duncan). Steals: 7 (Parker 3, Bowen 2, Duncan, Ginobili).


MinFGFTO-TAPFPts.Totals 24036-7722-289-50122594J.Smith 23:183-81-40-3047Harrington 37:354-103-31-115311Pachulia 32:267-165-86-132519Ivey 17:290-10-00-1030Johnson 41:169-164-41-14322Lue 27:265-116-60-20216M.Williams 18:252-50-00-7124Childress 31:145-73-31-110213Edwards 5:231-20-00-1012Stoudamire 5:280-10-00-0000

Percentages: FG .468, FT .786. Three-Point Goals: 0-2, .000 (Harrington 0-1, M.Williams 0-1). Blocked Shots: 2 (Childress, J.Smith). Turnovers: 12 (Johnson 3, Pachulia 3, J.Smith 2, Lue 2, Harrington, M.Williams). Steals: 6 (Ivey 2, Childress, Lue, Johnson, Pachulia).

A: 16,678 (18,729). T: 2:17.

Marvin Williams fouls San Antonio's Manu Ginobili. The lowly Hawks (3-16) ended the Spurs' six-game winning streak, dropping them to 16-4.