There's a saying in golf: "It's not how, it's how many." It refers to the fact that it doesn't matter if the shot you hit that holes out or brings you very close was really lucky. The number of strokes you take is all that matters.

The Redskins got really lucky yesterday in Arizona. But it's not how, it's how many. And this makes two wins in a row of the five in a row they need to get in the playoffs.

You're not supposed to win when your quarterback gets intercepted three times -- in the first half! And you're not supposed to win when the margin you need is provided by a kickoff return for a touchdown! One second you're down, 13-10. The next second your guy is blowing kisses to the crowd as he jets by.

See, the Redskins were lucky enough to be playing the inept Arizona Cardinals, who actually had more turnovers in the first half -- four! -- than the Redskins. Three fumbles and an interception. And that's not counting one fumble by Kurt Warner that Arizona recovered on a play that was nullified by a penalty. These weren't close fumbles, kids; the pigskin was flying out of there like projectile vomit.

The Cardinals lost this game because their running backs are awful -- they can't gain even one or two yards when they have to -- and their quarterback can't produce when he's behind. Kurt Warner had four possessions after Antonio Brown's kickoff return, and what did he do with them? Squadoosh.

Here are the two Kodak moments from this sloppy adventure: Antonio Brown blowing kisses when he was still 25 yards from the end zone; that's chutzpah, boys and girls. And Clinton Portis holding on to Mike Sellers's jersey as they carpooled towards the end zone. I didn't know you could do that. From now on I'm going to hold onto Wilbon when I'm writing these columnettes.

By the way, Joe Gibbs is now 7-6. He's the first Redskins coach to get to that number since Norv Turner. You don't suppose Danny Snyder is going to fire him, do you?

Antonio Brown kisses the Cardinals good night on his kickoff return for a touchdown, one of the few highlights of an ugly game.