Should the Miami Heat become the second team since 1970 to win a championship but miss the playoffs the following season, it can easily place the blame on Dwyane Wade's dislocated left shoulder. But the real reason the Heat will have difficulty making it back to the postseason is because President-Coach Pat Riley failed to find Wade more help last summer.

Riley, the great motivator, was probably at his finest when he led Miami to the title, but he ignored the meltdown of the Dallas Mavericks and Wade's extraterrestrial play in the last four games of the NBA Finals. He thought it was reasonable to expect Wade to play at http://that level for 82 games, while most of his players calcified? Riley didn't necessarily have to overhaul the Heat like he did the previous summer, but Miami really needed an injection of energy and youth (and no, Chris Quinn doesn't count) or a quality player with a hunger to win a championship (and no, Eddie Jones doesn't count). Shaquille O'Neal is aging at light speed and can't be expected to carry the Heat on his bad knees. His dominant days are over, and with Wade out indefinitely, so are the Heat's hopes of repeating.