Kevin Martin leads the Sacramento Kings in scoring, but still takes a back seat to stars Ron Artest and Mike Bibby. It doesn't seem to bother Martin, who scores points with few shots and absolutely no flash. "I just try to be as efficient as I can," said Martin, who leads all guards in points per shot attempt this season and scored a career-high 40 points on just 23 shots against Washington on Dec. 22. "I don't take bad shots."

Martin, however, has one of the ugliest shooting motions in the league -- it looks as if he's pulling coins out of his pocket, and he leans to the left as he shoots. But why change? Martin has nearly doubled his scoring from last season (10.8 points) and by the end of the season, he could join Larry Bird as the only player in history to average at least 20 points, shoot 50 percent from the field, 90 percent from the free throw line and 40 percent from beyond the three-point line. Martin has been compared to former NBA star Reggie Miller, who has dubbed Martin "mini-me." Said Martin, "If I do half the things he's done, I'd have a great career."