Reprinted from yesterday's late editions

Lakers F Vladimir Radmanovicadmitted yesterday that he lied to the team about how he injured his shoulder during last week's all-star break.

"The truth is that I hurt myself in a fall while snowboarding," Radmanovic said in a statement issued by the team.

He apologized for covering up what happened last Saturday in Park City, Utah. Initially, he told the Lakers he fell on a patch of ice while walking and separated his right shoulder. He is expected to be out two months.

"Being young and sometimes immature, I initially panicked and made up a false story about how I hurt myself," the 26-year-old forward said. "However, over the past few days my conscience has been bothering me terribly. I am not a dishonest person and could no longer live with this deception."

Lakers spokesman John Blacksaid no decision had been made about possible disciplinary action against Radmanovic.

· EARLY EXIT:Bobcats Coach Bernie Bickerstaff, feeling ill, left the bench late in the first quarter of last night's game against Philadelphia.

A team spokesman said Bickerstaff was resting in the locker room.

Bickerstaff's son, John-Blair Bickerstaff, took over the head coaching duties.

· POSSIBLE RETURN:Pacers chief executive Donnie Walsh said he is willing to return for another year if asked but does not expect to discuss a new contract until after the season.

Walsh, 65, said that Pacers co-owner Herb Simonhas spoken with him about returning even though it was understood that when he signed his current contract, now in its fourth and final year, that it would be his last so team president Larry Birdcould step in as CEO.

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