Talk about the convergence of sports. Last week, you had the start of baseball's spring training; pro, college and high school basketball; as well as pro hockey. On Thursday night, D.C. United will play soccer at RFK Stadium (bring your leg warmers) against a team from Honduras in the CONCACAF Champions Cup. Also, let's not forget the NFL combine in Indianapolis, where through Tuesday scouts and coaches grade potential draft choices on everything from speed to agility, as well as manners and smarts. And with Clinton Portis wannabes: fashion sense.

Your talkbackers, along with some writers, seem to have this obsession with the Nats' pitching rotation and whether Ted Lerner/Stan Kasten/Jim Bowden have a clue about fielding an MLB team. This too shall pass. The Nationals will play baseball, will not embarrass themselves and will get better under the Kasten plan. I don't have a crystal ball. The Nats could be worse than the Orioles have been for the last nine seasons. Still, the Washington Nationals are in the major leagues.

Ray Schneider, Frostburg, Md.

You are correct. Washington is in the major leagues.

* * *

The nightmare for me has begun. The drumbeat grows as Barry Bonds approaches the authentic Henry Aaron's hallowed record (755 home runs). I'm a fan and this buildup is repulsive. It's like recognizing Ben Johnson as the record holder in the 100 meters or exalting the East German Olympic teams of the '60s and '70s. It makes me angry that this is what true fans will have to put up with. Maris, Aaron, Mays -- those are the real record holders.

Glenn Goldstein, Fairfax

Fans have to decide for themselves how to view Barry Bonds and his statistical accomplishments. I agree with you on Maris, Aaron, Mays.

* * *

Many thanks for the "Friday Night Lights" updates. Texas is not the only state to be so taken by Friday night high school football, of course. While a graduate student at the University of Florida (in the mid-1970s) I took a substitute teaching position at Hawthorne High School, not far from Gainesville. While the Hawthorne Hornets football did not have the cache of Dillon Panthers, on those Friday nights, the lights -- and dreams -- shone brightly in that small north-central Florida town.

Bob Maguire, CheverlyHigh school football on Friday nights in this country is a big deal.