FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Feb. 25 -- Baltimore Orioles bench coach Tom Trebelhorn, who had been in Arizona with his ill wife since last week, rejoined the team for one day. After Sunday's practice, Trebelhorn returned to Arizona.

"It's good to be back out here, but you always have that doggone feeling about what's going on at the other end. It's a pretty life-changing event, especially for her."

Late last week, Elizabeth Black, Trebelhorn's wife since 2000, underwent surgery in Scottsdale after having a stroke caused by a ruptured aneurysm in her brain. Black, 61, has responded well to surgery, though she remains in intensive care.

"Nobody knows the damage of the hemorrhaging and what the residual damage will be," he said. "So wait and see. The good thing is that it seems to be getting better every day. Anything that happens now to cause a problem anywhere in the body is going to be critical because there's not much there to fight it."

Trebelhorn said he wasn't sure when he'd return to the team. It's possible, he said, that he might have to stay home.

"I might be done with baseball," Trebelhorn said. "I'm not going through this, she is. It's a life-changing thing for her. If it alters mine, that's the way it is. That's kind of what you buy into and we'll see."

Walker Feeling BetterReliever Jamie Walker, who was struck on the back of the head Friday with a line drive hit by Nick Markakis, threw a bullpen session Sunday and said he experienced no pain or discomfort. "I'm fine," he said. "They cleared me to go. They were just being cautious." Walker said he will no longer throw live batting practice and is scheduled to throw in the Orioles' spring home opener against the Florida Marlins. He will throw a couple bullpen sessions this week. . . .

Though several position players joked around about how long defensive drills lasted, Manager Sam Perlozzo is determined to improve a defense that ranked sixth worst in the American League last year with 102 errors.

"We're just emphasizing the total game," Perlozzo said. "Defense is a part of our game. If we're going to win games, we have to do everything better. Keeping our guys healthy and keeping them out there and winning some games will make us better. Our players are better defensively than I think we showed last year."

A Chance for The Backups

The Orioles' rosters for tomorrow's intra-squad scrimmage feature no regular on either team. Catcher J.R. House will start at first base, Jon Knott will play in left field, Adam Stern in center. Also, James Hoey, Kurt Birkins, Radhames Liz, John Parrish, and Garrett Olson are all possibilities to pitch.