Adam Zyglis/Buffalo News/ (Adam Zyglis/

“SHE’S DONE a fantastic job, and we’ve done a fantastic job together,” President Trump said this week, touting the work of Nikki Haley upon her exit.

Haley abruptly announced her resignation Tuesday as U.N. ambassador, effective in January — spurring questions about the timing of the departure, her potential successors and whether she might seek higher office in two years.

Some political commentators, such as Adam Zyglis of the Buffalo News, see Haley getting out while the current reputation and perception of the United States plummets.

And while the Tulsa World’s Bruce Plante believes Haley is positioning herself for a 2020 run, Lisa Benson of The Washington Post Writers Group takes Haley at her word.

Here is how some cartoonists have responded to the news:

Lisa Benson (WPWG):

Lisa Benson/WPWG (by Lisa Benson / WPWG 2018/Lisa Benson / WPWG 2018)

Yaakov Kirschen (Cagle Cartoons):

Yaakov Kirschen/Israel/ (by Yaakov Kirschen / Israel/Yaakov Kirschen / Israel / 2018)

Bruce Plante (Tulsa World):

Bruce Plante /Tulsa World/ (Bruce Plante/Bruce Plante / Tulsa World / 2018)