by Kevin Siers/Charlotte Observer/ 2018 (by Kevin Siers / Charlotte Observer/by Kevin Siers / Charlotte Observer / 2018)

AS HURRICANE MICHAEL tore through the Southeast this week, its record strength proving fraught and fatal, the stories of its immediate wrath followed close in the wake of longer-range headlines.

That bigger picture, as reported in recent days, centers on the dire forecasts from nearly 100 climate scientists brought together by the United Nations.

One of their chief warnings, as The Post put it: “The world has only a dozen years to tackle climate change to avoid some of its most devastating effects.”

Amid fears that such a trajectory of global warming will increase the number of catastrophic weather events, here is how some cartoonists are responding to the devastation, as well as the prognostication:

Bruce Plante (Tulsa World):

by Bruce Plante/Tulsa World/ 2018 (by Bruce Plante / Tulsa World/Bruce Plante (Tulsa World):)

Mike Keefe (Colorado Independent):

by Mike Keefe/Colorado Independent/ 2018 (by Mike Keefe/by Mike Keefe / Colorado Independent / 2018)

Patrick Chappatte (New York Times):

Patrick Chappatte/New York Times/ 2018 (Patrick Chappatte/Patrick Chappatte / New York Times / 2018)

Adam Zyglis (Buffalo News):

by Adam Zyglis/Buffalo News/ 2018 (by Adam Zyglis/Adam Zyglis (Buffalo News):)

Tom Toles (The Washington Post):

by Tom Toles/The Washington Post (Tom Toles / The Washington Post/Tom Toles / The Washington Post)