THE POLITICAL paintings of Andy Thomas are ubiquitous, but it wasn’t till one of them was spotted on “60 Minutes” this week that his work spawned a meme.

The viral artwork is “The Republican Club,” a laser-print reproduction of which hangs in the White House, as seen during Lesley Stahl’s interview of President Trump that aired Sunday evening.

“The Republican Club” depicts a Diet Coke-swigging Trump at the table surrounded by such fellow presidents as Lincoln and Eisenhower, Reagan and Nixon and both Bushes. The work follows in the spirit of such work by Thomas, a 61-year-old cowboy painter, as the GOP-themed “Callin’ the Blue.”

In “The Republican Club,” the presidents are “kind of storytelling. Lincoln and Trump in particular are relating, and everybody else is reacting,” Thomas told The Washington Post’s Avi Selk.

Naturally, the painting became an easy canvas for editorial modification.

The cartoonist Clay Jones surrounded Trump with infamous leaders and dictators for “The Autocratic Club.”

Here are some other ways the painting was altered to make a point, including Trump’s mocking of New York Times reporter and past Post staffer Serge F. Kovaleski:

And “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” edited Trump into Cassius Marcellus Coolidge’s “Dogs Playing Poker” series for an image that aired Monday — bringing us full circle from Thomas’s “True Blues: Democratic Presidents Playing Poker.”