by Adam Zyglis/ Buffalo News / 2018 (by Adam Zyglis/ Buffalo News / 2018/by Adam Zyglis/ Buffalo News / 2018)

ON ONE hand, as the world mourns the Oct. 2 killing of Washington Post contributing columnist Jamal Khashoggi, President Trump’s “waffling public response” to the journalist’s death and his praise for Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman could “leave a lasting impression of weakness,” reports The Washington Post’s Philip Rucker and Josh Dawsey.

Meanwhile, Trump has “celebrated an act of violence against a reporter on U.S. soil — to cheers and laughter from his supporters,” as The Post’s Karen Tumulty writes in describing how the president, speaking at a Montana rally, commended Rep. Greg Gianforte (R-Mont.) for body-slamming a reporter last year.

Painting journalists as “the enemy of people” — just months after five Capital Gazette staffers were killed in a newsroom massacre in Annapolis, Md. — can have an increasingly corrosive effect, many commentators say.

Here is how some political cartoonists are painting the current state of verbal attacks, violence and bloodshed intended to silence members of the media:

Jeff Koterba (Omaha World-Herald):

by Jeff Koterba / Omaha World-Herald / 2018 (by Jeff Koterba / Omaha World-Herald / 2018/by Jeff Koterba / Omaha World-Herald / 2018)

Mike Lester (WPWG):

by Mike Lester / WPWG 2018 (by Mike Lester / WPWG 2018/by Mike Lester / WPWG 2018)

Monte Wolverton (Cagle Cartoons):

by Monte Wolverton / 2018 (by Monte Wolverton / 2018/by Monte Wolverton / 2018)

Nick Anderson (WPWG):

by Nick Anderson / WPWG 2018 (by Nick Anderson / WPWG 2018/by Nick Anderson / WPWG 2018)