It would seem that when you are rich, famous and have a legion of stylists at your disposal, sure, you could totally spend an entire weekday sitting in a makeup chair and getting ready for a Wednesday night Halloween party.

And boy oh boy, did we see the results of all that effort!

Model Heidi Klum, known for getting very serious about Halloween and throwing an annual bash for the holiday, dressed up as Princess Fiona from the “Shrek” movies. Her boyfriend, Tom Kaulitz, came as Shrek. And they were spittin' images of the characters voiced by Mike Myers and Cameron Diaz in the DreamWorks franchise.

Actually, “dressed up” is an understatement. Klum transformed into the animated character. She had an army of people work on the prosthetics, hair and makeup, a process — which she documented on Instagram — that took several hours.

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Klum wasn’t the only celebrity to show up and show out on Halloween. Here are some others:


Queen Bey showed off two costumes this Halloween season, and they really work best on Instagram, where she struck the exact same pose as the people she was dressing up as.

Her first: Toni Braxton as she was when she released her first single, “Another Sad Love Song.” Except in this version, she’s “Phoni Braxton.” Beyoncé posted a mock-up of the record cover, complete with identical font and some pretty heavy-duty professional photography and styling going on:

Her second costume: Olympic gold medalist Florence Griffith Joyner, more commonly known as Flo-Jo.

Beyoncé posted several photos of herself re-creating the late athlete’s 1988 Olympic trial run, wearing the iconic pink and blue track suit. There’s even a stadium backdrop!

Beyoncé usually dons very elaborate and specific costumes. Both of this year’s costumes got “Toni Braxton” and “Flo Jo” trending on Twitter.

Justin Timberlake

Okay, we just realized that Halloween has a huge benefit for celebrities: If they play their cards right, their costumes can render them unrecognizable and allow them to participate in normal activities.

That seems to be the case for Justin Timberlake, who dressed up as Robin from “Lego Batman” and went trick-or-treating with his kid in New York.

Olivia Munn

Munn posted two costumes to her Instagram, and both are her basically dressing up as people whom she fangirls.

First up, comedian Ali Wong — specifically from her sophomore Netflix special, “Hard Knock Wife.”

And although a lot of people dressed up as Wong this year — the comedian reposted several people’s photos of themselves in their matching gear — Munn had the added benefit of actually knowing her. “THANK YOU @aliwong for helping me get your exact same dress,” Munn wrote on Instagram.

Munn also dressed up as Peik Lin from “Crazy Rich Asians,” a character played by Awkwafina. Munn shouted out her stylist for tracking down the costume for her (hey, if you’ve got a stylist, might as well use them for Halloween, right?).

Kendall Jenner

The Kardashian-Jenner clan typically devote a lot of time to creating elaborate Halloween costumes. Kendall Jenner dressed up as a Fembot — yes, that’s right, another Mike Myers-adjacent costume! She looked just like the character from “Austin Powers.”

Kylie Jenner

Jenner had, maybe, what, four costumes this year? Who has the time! She dressed up as Barbie and found herself inside of a human-sized toy box, although to be honest, we can’t tell if this is actually a Halloween costume or just something rich and famous people do for fun.

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Happy Halloween💕

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Her other costumes included one of the Fanta girls, and “Stormi weather,” a mother-daughter outfit with her baby.

There aren’t even enough hours in the day, truly.

Kim Kardashian

And that wasn’t it for Kylie Jenner. She joined Kim Kardashian and her other sisters as Victoria’s Secret angels; the lingerie company gave them the wings, so they put on some underwear and stepped out in that.

Kardashian posted some behind-the-scenes videos of her photo shoot as a guy aimed a leafblower toward her to get her hair blowing in the wind.

She also dressed up as Pamela Anderson but no one at the party she attended (Kendall Jenner’s Halloween/birthday party) had a clue who she was portraying, writing on her Instagram that they were “too young to know.” (Except, somehow, Kylie).