by Clay Bennett/Chattanooga Times Free Press/WPWG 2018 (by Clay Bennett / Chattanooga Times Free Press / WPWG 2018)

THE CANDIDATE signage and sloganeering. The American flag lapel pins. And, always, the omnipresent “I Voted” sticker.

Democracy in action brings out the amber waves of campaign graphics, till Election Day delivers the crescendo of red-white-and-blue imagery. If a picture is worth a thousand editorials, then an on-point illustration can have a force beyond measure.

Here is how some of the nation’s editorial cartoonists are flying their flag-waving art to urge you to vote Tuesday:

Jack Ohman (Sacramento Bee):

by Jack Ohman/Sacramento Bee/WPWG 2018 (by Jack Ohman / Sacramento Bee / WPWG 2018)

Jeff Koterba (Omaha World-Herald):

by Jeff Koterba/Omaha World-Herald/ 2018 (by Jeff Koterba / Omaha World-Herald / 2018)

Signe Wilkinson (

by Signe Wilkinson/ 2018 (by Signe Wilkinson / / WPWG 2018)

R.J. Matson (CQ Roll Call):

by R.J. Matson/CQ Roll Call/ 2018 (by R.J. Matson / CQ Roll Call / 2018)

Lisa Benson (WPWG):

by Lisa Benson/WPWG 2018 (by Lisa Benson / WPWG 2018)