The Frank Underwood-era of “House of Cards” has come to an end, and it brought down Freddy’s BBQ joint with it.

For the final season of the Netflix political drama, producers replaced the fictional favorite restaurant of Kevin Spacey’s deceased character with a real D.C. barbecue hotspot: Federalist Pig.

In one scene, Seth Grayson (played by Derek Cecil) gives a box of ribs to Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly). Grayson tells him that “they’re from a place called Federalist Pig.”

When Stamper responds that he has never heard of the eatery, Grayson says, “I’ve been told it’s the next best thing to Freddy’s.” The scene continues, Grayson all the while snacking on the ribs.


While it typically costs a pretty penny to get that kind of product placement in a hit TV series, the Adams Morgan restaurant did not drop a dime on the plug, according to Federalist Pig co-owner Steve Salis. In fact, “House of Cards” producers were the ones who reached out to him.


“The cast and those who represent the cast are big fans of Federalist Pig,” Salis said.

While he wouldn’t name names about who frequents the joint, he hinted that “if you were lining up in line, you would probably recognize some people.”

It’s too soon to tell what kind of effect the televised name-drop might have on sales, but Salis says his business is booming, with products frequently selling out before closing time.

The HoC cameo comes just short of the restaurant’s two-year anniversary.

“Frankly, I did not anticipate in my wildest imagination that we would have the type of following that we’ve had in such a short period of time,” Salis said.