BOLO: Prepare yourselves, Washington. A Snoop Dogg sighting could be in your future.

The rapper/TV personality/cookbook author is in town for performances this weekend of his autobiographical play “Redemption of a Dogg” at the Warner Theatre. But Snoop (real name Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.) is no dull boy — it looks like he’s getting some fun in along with the work.

He posted Instagram videos from inside the car ferrying him around Washington on Tuesday, with Snoop, dressed in a Howard University sweatshirt, clearly enjoying the ride. In one clip, he’s singing along to D.C. native and go-go legend Chuck Brown. In another, he spots a sign for Rock Creek Park and makes the connection to the much-sampled 1975 song of the same name by Donald Byrd and the Blackbyrds.

“That’s Rock Creek Park, for real?” he asks. “That they made the song after?”

All the while, Snoop’s smoking a blunt (one of the 81 he claims to inhale a day), natch.

And he seems willing to mix it up with the locals, posting another video from inside the car idling on Howard’s campus, where a crowd of phone-wielding students is waiting. “Look at all these students, college graduates,” he says to the camera. “Howard UniversiTEE, you hear me? Let’s see if they like the Dogg.”