(Nick Anderson/WPWG) (by Nick Anderson / WPWG 2018)

BLUE WAVES. Red waves. A pink wave. And parties left black and blue.

Such tints reflect the tones of many political cartoons since Election Day as satirists offer their takes on control of the House shifting to the Democrats, the GOP’s retaining control of the Senate, and a record number of women now headed to the Hill.

Here is how some of the nation’s cartoonists are depicting the ebb and flow of blue and red waves — and the gathering pink wave:

Nate Beeler (Columbus Dispatch):

(Nate Beeler/Columbus Dispatch/Cagle Cartoons) (by Nate Beeler / Columbus Dispatch / CagleCartoons.com 2018)

R.J. Matson (CQ Roll Call):

(R.J. Matson/CQ Roll Call/ Cagle Cartoons) (by R.J. Matson / CQ Roll Call / CagleCartoons.com 2018)

John Cole (Scranton Times-Tribune):

(John Cole/Scranton Times-Tribune/Cagle Cartoons) (by John Cole / Scranton Times Tribune / CagleCartoons.com 2018)

Rick McKee (Augusta Chronicle):

(Rick McKee/Augusta Chronicle/Cagle Cartoons) (by Rick McKee / Augusta Chronicle / CagleCartoons.com 2018)