By Rainer Hachfeld/Neues Deutschland, Germany/ (by Rainer Hachfeld / Neues Deutschland, Germany / 2018/by Rainer Hachfeld / Neues Deutschland, Germany / 2018)

THE REST of the world naturally follows U.S. elections with scrutiny, knowing that as the political winds blow in Washington, the tempestuous effects can soon be felt on foreign shores.

Soon satirists from China to Latvia tuned in to this week’s midterm results, gauging whether U.S. leadership will be at all altered for the second half of President Trump’s current term.

Here is how some commentators around the world are reflecting on the U.S. elections through cartoons:

Dario Castillejos (Mexico):

By Dario Castillejos/Oaxaca, Mexico/ (by Dario Castillejos / Oaxaca, Mexico / 2018/by Dario Castillejos / Oaxaca, Mexico / 2018)

Joep Bertrams (The Netherlands):

By Joep Bertrams/The Netherlands/ (by Joep Bertrams / The Netherlands / 2018/by Joep Bertrams / The Netherlands / 2018)

Dale Cummings (Canada):

By Dale Cummings/Canada/ (by Dale Cummings / Canada / 2018/by Dale Cummings / Canada / 2018)

Luojie (China):

By Luojie/China Daily, China/ (by Luojie / China Daily, China / 2018/by Luojie / China Daily, China / 2018)

Gatis Sluka (Latvia):

By Gatis Sluka/Latvijas Avize, Latvia/ (by Gatis Sluka / Latvijas Avize, Latvia / 2018/by Gatis Sluka / Latvijas Avize, Latvia / 2018)