At the Sunday afternoon performance at the Warner Theatre of Snoop Dogg’s autobiographical stage play “Redemption of a Dogg,” starring Snoop himself and singer/reality TV star Tamar Braxton, the real drama was apparently happening backstage.

The first sign that something was amiss was during the intermission, which dragged on waaay longer than the audience expected. The comedian who had been the show’s warm-up act took to the stage to entertain the restless crowd, according to one attendee, and the break lasted nearly an hour. Technical difficulties, the audience was told.

But when the show resumed, another actress was playing Braxton’s lead role, an angel who guides Snoop’s character as he navigates the rocky shores of fame, family and faith. A ripple went through the audience, our spy says, when they realized there had been a switcheroo. And the mystery wasn’t exactly solved when writer/director Je’Caryous Johnson came onstage after the performance. He started to talk about the show, but after shouted questions about Braxton’s whereabouts, he said only that she had an emergency that kept her from the remainder of the performance.

The incident left some audience members feeling shortchanged. “Feeling robbed!!!” one posted on Twitter. “@SnoopDogg and the cast did their thing but there was an obvious hole. I guess better luck next time?”

A representative for Braxton did not respond to requests for comment. But Braxton still could return to the stage: The show is set to move to Los Angeles this weekend.