About seven months after the reality star traveled to Washington, Kourtney Kardashian’s venture into the world of lobbying was finally shown on Sunday night’s episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

The oldest sibling of the mega-famous clan admitted to viewers at the beginning of the episode that she wasn’t “the most political person” but said that having three kids made her more conscious of ingredients in products her family uses. To help her determine the safety of the contents, she said she uses an app from the Environmental Working Group, the nonprofit that invited her to Washington and is pushing for a revision of updated cosmetics testing laws. And since her sisters are always nagging her about not having her own passion projects, off to the District she went.

Throughout the episode, Kardashian repeatedly discussed how nervous she was to speak at the briefing and said she wasn’t really sure what was happening.

“We were going to cancel the press conference tomorrow, but it’s not really a press conference — it’s like, that’s when I’m in front of the Senate,” she told her companions while dining at RPM Italian. And during a lunch at Charlie Palmer Steak, she asked her friend: “The House of Representatives. Is that what it’s called?”

Despite not exactly being fluent in political discourse, Kardashian successfully drummed up attention for EWG’s cause. KUWTK footage showed her meeting with Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) and Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. (D-N.J.) to discuss the outdated cosmetics laws.

“We’re still plugging away on this issue, and thank you for your advocacy,” Baldwin told Kardashian.

“I have two daughters, and as they were growing up they always assumed that if they were buying something, somebody had looked at it and said it was safe,” Pallone added. “And when I tell them that’s not true, they’re like, how can that be?”

Kardashian ended her day of lobbying in true Kardashian style: snapping an Instagram photo in front of the Russell Senate Office Building sign, midriff-baring top (with a blazer, natch) and all.

“I have to look like a boss,” she said while striking her best power pose.

“Elle Woods, here I come!” her friend chimed in, referencing the main character from “Legally Blonde.”

Satisfied with her efforts, Kardashian phoned her younger sister Khloe, who provided her with the validation she was hoping for.

“It was nice to hear Khloe says she’s proud of me,” she told the camera. “I feel so good about the way that I’ve spent the last two days, and I’ve learned so much. I really want to keep doing this.”