Was “The Camel Chronicles” already taken? The working title of former House speaker John Boehner’s upcoming memoir, “Notes From a Smoke-Filled Room,” is a cheeky nod to both his experiences in the halls of power and his own well-documented penchant for doing business over a cigarette.

The Ohio Republican’s book will be published by St. Martin’s Press imprint Thomas Dunne Books in 2020, the publisher announced Monday — and the former congressman is promising big things for the tome. “I’ve never really been interested in doing your typical political-memoir kind of book,” Boehner said in the announcement. “And this won’t be that kind of book. This is going to be a book people might want to actually read, no matter where they’re coming from politically.”

St. Martin’s suggested that the stories from the former dealmaking congressman would serve as a counterpoint to those of President Trump’s divided Washington, saying the book will offer “a reminder of the time when the adults were firmly in charge of Washington.”

Boehner retired in 2015 after three decades in Congress — the last five as speaker — before being squeezed out by his party’s conservative wing. And it looks as if the onetime pol is finding his writing muse: He tweeted a photo Monday of a glass of red wine (likely his beloved merlot), toasting a sunset on a balmy beach at the Florida resort town where he owns property. “Perfect evening at Marco Island,” he wrote.