Marla Maples attends an event in New York on April 12. (Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

Marla Maples is the silent ex-wife no longer. Spouse No. 2 of Donald Trump departed her usual position (firmly out of the spotlight) and popped up on the “Today” show for an update on her life.

Peppered by pillow-soft questions from the hosts (“Is it true you can do a headstand?”), Maples revealed that she’s all about spirituality these days, that she’s living full time in New York and that she, uh, made a music video in India.

The closest thing the interview came to her ex’s controversy-filed presidency was Al Roker asking whether she’d ever been surprised by something Trump had done, to which Maples offered a New Age-y deflection.

Marla Maples was not going there, folks, unless “there” is a hot yoga studio. “I think life is about being ready for anything, and where are you going to find the positive in all things,” she said. “I choose not to judge anybody else. I don’t want to be judged, so how can I judge another human being? I say to my friends, let’s help lift this world, not bring it down.”

And about that music video? As a clip that looked like a gauzy meditation video played, Maples said it was shot during an October trip to India and features a song called “Pieces of Heaven.” “To me, it’s about how do you spread love and how do you show how interconnected we all are?” she said.

Maples said she and her then-husband considered him running for president back in the ’90s, but she was concerned about how that would affect his then-young children. “I knew how difficult it would be on the kids,” she said. “It can take a big toll on kids.”

Fluffy “Today” sit-down aside, Maples has been an almost invisible figure in her ex-husband’s administration. That is in contrast to Ivana Trump, the woman Donald Trump left for Maples. Ivana published a book last year about parenting, “Raising Trump,” and has given interviews that have made headlines. (She called herself the real “first lady” and later suggested he should skip seeking a second term and “just go and play golf.")

Instead, Maples offers Instagrammed images of her boho-chic life of juicing, globe-trotting travels and fitness regime (acro-yoga, anyone?). Daughter Tiffany Trump sometimes cameos. And the blissfully politics-free feed provides the answer: Yes, she can do a mean headstand.