What is it about the story of former Fox News chief Roger Ailes’s downfall that Hollywood can’t resist? Perhaps its Shakespearean motif of the toppling of a king, combined with a heavy dose of #MeToo and an overlay of politics?

Whatever it is, La La Land couldn’t resist: Not one but two dramatized versions of the saga in which women accused the once-untouchable Ailes of sexual harassment, are heading for screens big and small near you. (And that doesn’t count the documentary about Ailes, “Divide and Conquer,” that’s out now). Here’s everything you need to know about the dueling fictionalized accounts.

Specs: The as-yet-untitled feature film is being helmed by director Jay Roach, known for the HBO political dramas “Recount,” “Game Change” and “All the Way”; and written by “The Big Short” screenwriter Charles Randolph.

On the small-screen side, Showtime is planning an eight-episode limited series from producer Jason Blum, based on Vanity Fair correspondent Gabriel Sherman’s book “The Loudest Voice in the Room.”

Status: Both projects are currently filming — the miniseries has shot scenes in New York City, while the movie’s crew has been spotted in Los Angeles — and are both set to premiere next year.

Casting: In the movie, A-lister Nicole Kidman plays Fox News host and Ailes accuser Gretchen Carlson, while Kidman’s lifelong bestie and fellow Aussie Naomi Watts tackles the same role in the miniseries (maybe they can compare notes over manis?).

Recently, the public got a peek of Kidman on set and in costume, thanks to paparazzi snaps, and it seemed that someone was none too impressed by the actress’s stiff blonde bob and bubblegum-pink power sheath dress. Carlson, who now chairs the Miss America organization, snapped that Kidman “looks nothing like me.” She complained on Twitter that “the script I’ve seen makes other people out to be heroes unjustifiably. Hard to see your own story faked. Unfortunately - Proves trumps claim of #FakeNews.”

In the movie, actress Charlize Theron plays former Fox host Megyn Kelly, but interestingly, Kelly’s character doesn’t factor into the miniseries. In what sounds as though it might be a swipe at the rival production, Sherman told the Hollywood Reporter that Kelly’s role in the downfall of Ailes was so “peripheral” that it didn’t merit inclusion. “Any dramatization that makes her a central character in Ailes’s takedown is pure fiction,” he said.

The casting of Ailes himself is a study in contrasts: In the film, he’ll be played by 73-year-old John Lithgow, while in the miniseries, the role went to Russell Crowe, the 54-year-old “Gladiator” star. Lithgow seems more suited to play the jowly Ailes, who left Fox at age 76 — though Lithgow is typically slender, see his recent, convincing turn as the portly Winston Churchill in the Netflix series “The Crown” for evidence that he can play big.

Crowe, though, seems to have gone through a dramatic physical transformation of his own. The actor tweeted this week about taking a holiday hiatus from filming, posting a photo of himself in character and another showing extensive prosthetics being removed from his face. “Oh the relief when I can put Rogers face aside at the end of the day,” he wrote.

Central characters aside, the movie’s cast is a long and star-studded one, indicating that the film will have the feel of a prestige-y ensemble production. Allison Janney is cast as feminist lawyer Susan Estrich, “Saturday Night Live” breakout star Kate McKinnon is set to play a fictional Fox News producer, Margot Robbie plays another producer, and “Twilight’s” Ashley Greene will portray Abby Huntsman.

One casting move we love? Spencer Garrett, the “Mad Men” actor better known in Washington as the longtime beau of CNN’s Dana Bash, is slated to play Fox talker and President Trump’s pal Sean Hannity.