The Barcelona-based artist Anna Parini has created the latest immersive cover for the New Yorker magazine, and the animation is a wonderful window into how the artist feels when she’s reading.

“I was trying to capture the feeling of being immersed in a book to the exclusion of everything around you,” Parini tells the New Yorker about the cover art, titled “A New Leaf.” “I think my love for reading comes more from the need to connect with my inner reality than from the desire to escape the external one.

“Proust described it perfectly,” Parini continues, “as ‘that fertile miracle of communication that takes effect in solitude.’ ”

For the cover, Parini’s avatar exudes a peaceful stillness on a New Year’s New York street as the snowflakes fall and the pedestrians pass. The GIF was animated by Jose Lorenzo.

“We’ve had so many great covers over the decades that one of the challenges is to keep introducing new artists — and for those artists to say something new and fresh,” New Yorker art editor Françoise Mouly told The Washington Post. “Parini took up the dare by trying to capture an inner feeling.

“It’s one of the instances when artists benefit from having weeks to refine a subtle and quiet image — I love the refined simplicity of it,” continued Mouly, who began using Parini’s illustrations in 2015. “Similarly, for the GIF that Parini developed with Jose Lorenzo, the two worked hard at meeting the restrictions imposed by the technology and succeeded in packing a lot of movement into just one frame.”

Parini, who first visited New York in 2010, told The Washington Post, “As magazines transform, so does the reading experience and, of course, [their] illustrations.

“To make up for the loss of the physical experience of reading a magazine — the smell of the ink and the glossy and colorful paper — it’s necessary to add other dimensions and ways to connect with the new audience, and animation is one of them.

“I also wanted to show how easy it can be to find your own quiet place in the city without having to go far out of your way.”