Things that are often delivered to a congressional office: copies of the Congressional Record, constituent mail, mean tweets. Not so common? A drop-off of 10,000 long-stemmed red roses. You know, just because.

Newly minted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was the recipient of the unusual gift Wednesday, courtesy of an online fundraiser among readers of liberal site DailyKos. It was a redux of a similar gift to Pelosi in 2010 (that floral delivery was a thank-you for the passing of health-care legislation).

DailyKos founder Markos Moulitsas said that this year they surpassed their goal of raising enough money to buy 10,000 roses within an hour and a half of posting. They ended up collecting enough for 25,000 stems — so many that they shipped the extras, at the speaker’s request, to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

The scene in Pelosi’s office in the Longworth House Office Building on Wednesday resembled a cross between a wholesale florist’s fridge and what you’d imagine Beyoncé’s dressing room looks like: Buckets of long stems topped every available surface, and the scent was so powerful you could smell it in the hallway.

“I’ve never seen so many roses in my life,” Pelosi said as she surveyed the veritable garden.

Moulitsas chalked up the flower drive’s success to people’s desire for a rare sweet gesture in an often-negative political landscape. “People wanted to do something nice for once,” he said.