The boldfacers mingling at a book party Tuesday for Jean Case’s “Be Fearless” might not have needed the philanthropist and author’s advice on making big moves — after all, they included some of Washington’s most powerful folks who presumably know a thing or two about that. And among those gathered at the home of co-host Hilary Rosen was even José Andrés, the Nobel-nominated chef whose philanthropic feats Case profiled in the book (of course, he got a hearty round of applause for his latest efforts: providing meals to furloughed government workers.)

But clearly, they were there to cheer on Case, whom Rosen praised as a member of her “gal pal group,” along with co-hosts Tammy Haddad and tech journalist Kara Swisher, a sisterhood that clearly isn’t your average #squad. Case, for her part, offered advice to the partygoers on how to widen their circle and to increase diversity in the technology industry, where she started her own career.

“We mentor, we invest in, we buy the products of players that are doing the right thing, and we bring more people onto the field,” said Case, who was inspired to write the book by her own decision to leave a solid job at GE for the then-startup AOL. “Talent is equally distributed — opportunity is not."

The drink of choice? The “Fearless Fizz,” a Moscow-mule-like concoction served in copper mugs. Also spotted in the crowd were AOL co-founder (and Jean Case’s husband) Steve Case; veteran tech columnist Walter Mossberg; writer Sally Quinn; super-agent Bob Barnett; Washington Post publisher Fred Ryan; former congresswoman Susan Molinari; TV vet Greta Van Susteren; and CNN political director David Chalian.