Hey, isn’t that . . . Chris Evans, a.k.a. Captain America, making the rounds of Democratic Senate offices on Tuesday afternoon?

The actor posed for pics with Sens. Chris Coons (Del.), Ed Markey (Mass.) and Maggie Hassan (N.H.) and looked to be having a good time, per the social media evidence: Markey posted a photo of himself and Boston-native Evans holding a note congratulating the New England Patriots on their Super Bowl win. “We couldn’t be in Boston celebrating the #PatriotsParade with the greatest fans in the world but @ChrisEvans and I share our @Patriots pride for the GOAT,” Markey captioned it.

But it seems Evans’s mission was serious, too. Coons tweeted a photo of himself gesturing during a conversation with the actor. “Here’s me explaining to @ChrisEvans aka @CaptainAmerica that vibranium is a metallic alloy with defined stoichiometry,” he wrote. “We also talked about the good work he’s doing to get young Americans more engaged in civics, which is important, too.”

National Journal reporter Zach Cohen managed to catch up with Evans, only to find him cagier than your average member of Congress. The Hill visitor wouldn’t say what brought him to the Capitol. “I can’t dive into it,” he told Cohen, per the reporter’s tweet. “Working on a project, but can’t get into too many details.”

Evans is politically minded, and politics is also in his blood: He’s the nephew of former congressman Mike Capuano (D-Mass.). But Evans’s brush with Congress didn’t include yesterday’s big show, apparently. Evans told Cohen he planned to watch the State of the Union address from his hotel.