Well, that was awkward.

As per usual, “Saturday Night Live” devoted its cold open to the big news story of the week. No, we’re not talking about the State of the Union.

The sketch revolved around the salacious photos at the center of the extortion claims that Washington Post owner Jeffrey P. Bezos made against the National Enquirer this week in a stunning post on Medium. SNL’s cold open, which The Washington Post writes about on a regular basis, imagined Chuck Todd (played by Kyle Mooney) in an NBC’s “Meet the Press” panel discussing the photos — and the resulting tabloid headlines — in unexpected detail.

The fictional panel also happened to include Kenan Thompson as our colleague Eugene Robinson, who was portrayed as oddly eager to see the pictures, making the roughly five-minute sketch even weirder.

One highlight was Aidy Bryant, who regularly portrays White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, stepping into a new role: acting attorney general Matthew G. Whitaker. On SNL’s “Meet the Press,” Whitaker’s interview about his recent congressional hearing was usurped by the Bezos news. Kate McKinnon returned as a very confused Wilbur Ross.

Anyway, that was SNL’s cold open. See you next week, Alec Baldwin? Please.

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