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Michelle Obama’s mom, in hilarious text chain, reveals she doesn’t think her daughter is a ‘real’ star

Michelle Obama appeared at the Grammys on Sunday and apparently did not alert her mother. (Matt Sayles/Invision/AP)

“Texts from parents” is an often-hilarious genre of humor, and former first lady Michelle Obama just contributed her own entry. The ex-FLOTUS on Wednesday posted the image of an adorable text exchange between herself and her mom, Marian Robinson.

The playful conversation began with Robinson referring to her daughter’s appearance at Sunday’s Grammy Awards — and making a Peak Mom suggestion that she was miffed at not getting a heads-up that Obama would be on TV.

“I guess you were a hit at the Grammys,” she wrote, adding a smiley-face emoji with its tongue sticking out.

“I'm sitting here with Valerie and this text is so typically you. Did you watch it?!” Obama replied.

Robinson wrote that she’d tuned in after being alerted by a friend. “Did you meet any of the real stars or did you run right after you were done,” her mother asked.

Obama insisted she had told her mom she would be on the show, but Mom was having none of it: “No you did not,” Robinson wrote. “I would have remembered that even though I don’t remember much.”

Obama wrote she thought she had told her about it, and then added a Peak Daughter clapback. “And I am a real star . . . by the way,” Obama wrote. To which her mom responded, “Yeah.”

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Obama shared the entire text chain on her Instagram account and wrote she had also told the audience at her appearance on her book tour stop in Phoenix about it. “When your mom doesn’t think you’re a ‘real’ celebrity,” she captioned the exchange. “Tonight in Phoenix, I shared this text thread from my mom from #Grammys night, and I just had to share it with all of you. #TextsFromMom.”

Robinson, who lived with the Obamas during their White House years, shares a close relationship with her daughter. Asked in an interview in November what about Obama made her proudest, Robinson answered, “When I grow up I would like to be like Michelle Obama.”