Kasie Hunt and Matt Rivera are expecting their first child. (Randy Shropshire/MSNBC)

Expecting: MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt and her husband, “Meet the Press” senior digital producer Matt Rivera.

The “Kasie DC” host said the baby, the first for the couple, is due in late summer. And she said it’s a great time to be a mom-to-be covering Congress (she’s the Capitol Hill correspondent for NBC, too). “One of the best things about covering Capitol Hill is how many women there are on the beat these days,” she said. “And now for me it’s a bonus how many have recently had children or are expecting babies.”

Hunt plans to take three or four months off, which means she might miss a budget battle, but she thinks she’ll be “back in action for Iowa caucus in 2020.”

Hunt, 33, and Rivera, 36, wed in 2017.