Of all the plotlines in the 2020 race, the one we’re finding most riveting this week is love life of Sen. Cory Booker.

Here’s what we’ve learned about the state of the New Jersey Democrat’s romances: He’s contemplating a hypothetical White House wedding to GF Rosario Dawson, and he’s had a rocky, on-and-off relationship with both coffee and sleep. And now? We know that he once went on a date with TV personality Katie Couric.

Couric spilled that tea during an appearance on today’s “Wendy Williams Show,” while the two women were chatting about the news that Booker is happily dating the “Rent” star. Couric told Williams how much she likes Booker and admires Dawson for her political activism and beauty. Only a few beats in, the former “Today” host dropped some news: “I had a blind date with Cory Booker once,” she told Williams, who instantly pressed her for details.

“Did you kiss?” Williams asked.

“We went to a Giants football game,” Couric said. “Did we kiss? No, we did not kiss.”

Did they even hold hands in the parking lot, Williams asked, because otherwise “it’s just two friends.” It seems the date wasn’t exactly super-romantic. “No!” Couric demurred. “This was a long time ago.”

Couric married finance guy John Molner in 2014. Her first husband, Jay Monahan, died in 1998 at the age of 42 of colon cancer, a cause to which Couric has devoted herself.