Oscar-nominated and Golden Globe-winning actress Taraji P. Henson isn’t ready to declare who she’s voting for in 2020. The Washington, D.C., native told The Washington Post that she’s still waiting to see who she likes best out of the ever-growing Democratic field. For now, though, Henson loves Joe Biden — and hopes he will enter the race and “save us.” She also trusts Bernie Sanders, who she said reminds her of the fearless civil rights activist Ann Atwater, who she portrays in her new film, “The Best of Enemies.” Here’s what she had to say about the roster of current candidates.

Is there anything about 2020 that excites you?

Phew. This election? Hopefully changing things. We have to have hope. Got to hold on to hope.

Are you interested in any of the candidates?

I have to wait until they all come in. [Laughs.] Right now I would have to say Bernie.


Yeah. I’m waiting to hear what Joe Biden is going to do. [She claps her hands in prayer and whispers.] Save us, save us, save us! [Laughs.] Save us! Save us, Joe!

He’s probably watching. He can probably hear you.

[Shouting.] Joe, I love you, save us!

But you said Bernie first. What is that you like about Bernie?

He reminds me of Ann Atwater. He doesn’t care who gets mad. And he was back there arm in arm with Martin Luther King marching. That’s somebody I can trust. He was willing to die for the cause, you understand?