It was the retort heard — err, retweeted — across the Internet.

Meghan McCain spurred a viral meme this week with her clap back against conservative commentator Denise McAllister.

McAllister tweeted Monday a criticism of the daytime talk show “The View,” on which McCain is a co-host. “Can someone explain to me the purpose of The View?” she wrote. “It seems to me to be a roundtable of delusional mental midgets ricocheting ignorance and lack of emotional regulation.”

Her text accompanied an article about the show which featured McCain as the main image.

The daughter of the late senator John McCain quickly shot back in a reply to McAllister: “You were at my wedding Denise...."

Cue a Twitter field day.

The quip became an instant meme-factory, reappropriated by Twitter users to describe situations of betrayal or being wronged, such as co-workers scheduling meetings but not reserving meeting rooms for them.

“Julius Caesar, while being stabbed in the back: you were at my wedding Denise . . .,” one user tweeted.

Another, named Sophia, memed her reaction to her bills, writing, “*When I get my credit card statement and see what Sophia from a month ago spent her money on* YOU WERE AT MY WEDDING DENISE.”

Even actress and comedian Lena Dunham tweeted the phrase along with a still from her hit show, “Girls.”

McCain seemed to be in on the joke as she tweeted a positive reaction to her response going viral.

“'You were at my wedding, Denise...' can be everyone’s clap back to everyone, everywhere, forever,” she tweeted Tuesday. “My gift to the internet. Thank you for the support. ♥️”

As for McAllister, she had already backtracked on her statement once she saw McCain’s original zinger. “I think the photo on the story made it look like this was personally directed at you, Meghan,” wrote McAllister, who updated her Twitter handle to reference the viral moment. “My comment was directed at The View and the mental midgets who surround you. I don’t even know how you do it daily and my hat is off to you for standing strong in the midst of crazy.”

You were at her wedding, Denise.