At the launch party at Centrolina for "Savage News," Jessica Yellin, left, signs a copy of her new book for Melissa Moss on April 4. (Daniel Swartz)

“Write what you know.” That’s the maxim that former CNN White House correspondent Jessica Yellin clearly took to heart when she wrote her new novel, “Savage News,” a tale of an ambitious but principled on-air journalist navigating the ego-infested waters of cable news and the White House.

Sound familiar? Yellin insists that her debut effort is no thinly veiled roman à clef, though the material is clearly . . . inspired. “Everything’s an amalgam — there’s no, ‘Oh, this is that person and this is that network,’ ” said Yellin, who has also started her own social media brand, News Not Noise, where she’s promoting the kind of low-octane news delivery that probably wouldn’t have pleased her former bosses.

Further blurring the reality/fiction divide, the scene around her on Thursday night could have come from a Washington-set novel: a swanky book party at CityCenter restaurant Centrolina packed with stylish A-listers sipping rosé and talking about their 2020 assignments.

Those eager to toast their pal and her new book were CNBC’s John Harwood; CNN’s Dana Bash; Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden; former agriculture secretary Dan Glickman; lobbyist Heather Podesta; CNN Political Director David Chalian; Facebook’s Anne Kornblut; Democratic strategist Tracy Sefl; and hosts Autumn VandeHei, Elena Allbritton, Juleanna Glover, Kimball Stroud, Natasha Iwegbu-Bobo, Robyn Bash and Stephanie Cutter.

From left, Robyn Bash, Jessica Yellin and Elena Albritton. (Daniel Swartz)

Author Jessica Yellin, fifth from left, alongside her co-hosts. (Daniel Swartz)

Jessica Yellin's new book "Savage News." (Daniel Swartz)

Eve and Peter O'Toole, left, and Dana Bash. (Daniel Swartz)